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Address: 99 Shengyuan Rd., Dantuxincheng, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China
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     As a subsidiary of Jingyou International Group, Zhenjiang Jingyou Seasoning Co., Ltd. (developed from Zhenjiang Sesame Oil Factory) is a century-old enterprise specializing in sesame oil production and selling. In 1995, Zhenjiang Nissin Seasoning Co. Ltd. was incorporated as a joint-venture by Zhenjiang Sesame Oil Factory, Nissin Foods Holdings Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi Corporation. In March 2004, foreign capital transferred the ownership of the joint-venture to Jingyou International Group. Now Zhenjiang Jingyou Seasoning Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of US$1.7 million and total assets of RMB¥120 million. Its subsidiary Chaohu Jingyou Seasoning Co., Ltd. is proud of the most advanced pretreatment equipment at home and a hydraulic press imported from Italy. By combining traditional process with internationally leading oil making technology, Jingyou launches the domestically leading mechanical oil pressing line. Jingyou is the holder of such long-known pure sesame oil trademarks as Ganlu®, Beigulou® and Jingyou®. These are known as extra cook oils in color, fragrance and taste for shiningly transparency, amber color and rich fragrance. Our product is the longtime favorite of consumers at home and abroad. Currently, with an annual processing capacity of 15,000t, Jingyou has become one of the largest sesame oil producers in Jiangsu area.          

Zhenjiang Jingyou Seasoning Co., Ltd.
Address: 99 Shengyuan Rd., Dantuxincheng, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China
Tel: 86-511-85614863  85639607  Fax: 86-511-85634377  85639607  E-mail:[email protected]
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